About Us

We are an All-Organic Herbal Apothecary located in the Heart of Barrio Logan. We offer all organic bulk herbs, herbal extracts, and a full Tea Bar with over 100+ herbs to choose from. Anything you're looking for we are bound to have in stock. We started our business creating herbal tinctures for our family's wellbeing and after sharing tinctures with our friends and family, we realized we should probably sell the products since we needed funds to keep creating the product. Over time we've formulated over 10 different tinctures, salves, teas. We also create beeswax candles, aromatherapy sprays, and flower essences. We are really excited for what the future holds because what we have learned in the last 8 years is that anything is possible in the world and when you work on what you love everyday, there's nothing that can stop you ! We are located at 2205 Logan Ave. San Diego CA, 92113. You can reach us at (619)624-1550